What is the BerryBreeze?

berrybreeze-order-yoursThe BerryBreeze is a really smart and environmentally friendly way to help keep the food in your fridge fresher, for longer. Like a breath of cool mountain air, the BerryBreeze oxygenates, cleans and rejuvenates the fruits, vegetables and food that you store at home in your fridge, which extends both their life and their freshness while preserving their natural nutritional benefits.

This fantastic compact device filters and cleans the air in your fridge. Using patented technology, the BerryBreeze fills your fridge with activated oxygen to neutralise bacteria, mould and other harmful microbes by inhibiting ethylene gas that triggers decay. As a result, your food stays fresh for longer and it eliminates those strong food odours – all without the use of chemicals or harsh cleaners. There’s no filters to change and it operates from just four D batteries (not included).

We’ve all read in the news about how much fresh food we throw away each week but now you can stop worrying so much about how long that weekly shop will last!
So come and join us in the revolution to enhance the nutritional and longevity of your food and keep your fridge smelling fresh and clean. You’ll be reducing food waste and protecting the environment at the same time.
Families can now eat healthier diets on a smaller budget and you can still order those lovely veggie boxes that normally only last a week. Or just continue to buy your normal shopping and have the peace of mind that less food will be wasted before the next shop.

We all spend so much money on fresh ingredients, trying to live healthier lifestyles but we throw a lot of it away. It’s time we spent that money on other things we need (like a weekend break or those shoes you spotted last week!).

By allowing your fresh food to bask in the fresh mountain air, you allow them to thrive, enhancing their shelf life and giving them a kind of spa treatment in your fridge.
So, try a BerryBreeze, give it a name (ours is called Brian), make it part of your family and see for yourself how much longer the food in your fridge can last.

See the BerryBreeze in action.